Seiko QR-375 Time Recorder

The high featured QR-375 calculating time recorder was developed for your easy payroll operation.  The QR-375 is the world’s best featured calculating time recorder of its class.

It offers you daily elapsed time calculation between IN and OUT time and its accumulation per pay period.  Insert your encoded time card and your periodical present time is shown.



Main Features:

  • Auto-feed and auto-eject of time cards
  • Perpetual calendar to the year 2098 for automatic advancement to current day, month and year
  • Selectable 3 pay periods: monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment
  • Built-in lithium back-up battery for 5-year data protection
  • Calculate the elapsed time between IN/OUT punches and print a running total of accumulated time
  • Print IN/OUT as many times per day as required
  • No over-printing
  • 2 types of different day schedules can be set in a week – Common schedule / Extra schedule
  • Special mark printing “!” for irregular recognition
  • Memory capacity – Maximum of 50 cards
  • Automatic differentiation of the front and back of an encoded card
  • Cassette type purple ink ribbon (supplied)
  • Large back-lit LCD – 24 hour / 12 hour display format


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