P-30 Mixed Banknote Value Counter/Sorter

The P-30 banknote counter / sorter is a fast, high quality machine. Its simple, user friendly interface makes it very popular in all varieties of cash handling businesses. The small foot print means in can be used in any work space. The P-30 is sought after by banking institutions worldwide.




  • Compact size with full image recognition
  • Mixed / Sort / Face / Window / Batch funtions
  • 3 speeds of 1000, 1200 and 1500 notes per minute
  • 4.3 inch wide touch screen LCD display
  • User adjustable batching
  • Lightweight with carry handle
  • Easy to upgrade via USB port
  • High quality, and lowest cost sorter in Australia


  • Counterfeit detection
  • Multiple currency (up to 20) with auto recognition of mixed currencies


Stacker Pocket – Up to 200 notes
Reject Pocket – Up to 100 notes
Dimensions (W) 266mm x (L) 304mm x (H) 281mm
Weight 9 kg


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