ML-1V Mixed Banknote Value Counter/Sorter

The ML-1V banknote counter and sorter is a fast, high-quality machine. Its smooth, quiet and user-friendly operation ensures that it is the most reliable banknote counter available. Its 4 pick-up roller system ensure it handles the large window of the next generation banknotes with ease, and its high-quality imaging sensor puts it years ahead of other products on the market. The ML-1V is sought after by banking institutions worldwide, as well as foreign exchange companies due to it being able to handle multiple currencies and high standard of counterfeit detection.




  • Value count/sort mixed banknotes using image
  • High-resolution CIS (contact image sensor) for detection of banknotes
  • 2 speeds of 1200 and 1500 notes per minute
  • 5 inch full-colour LCD touch screen, as well as quick-change buttons
  • User-adjustable batching
  • Modular structure for easy maintenance
  • Compact design and very user-friendly interface
  • PC, printer and software upgrade via RS-232, USB, & Ethernet
  • Available with optional counterfeit detection and multiple currencies (up to 2 currencies)


Stacker size Up to 250 notes
Hopper Capacity 500 notes with the ability to load while running
Dimensions (W) 295mm x (L) 345mm x (H) 298mm
Weight 12 kg


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